Letter to Bank Manager to issue an ATM card

Letter to Bank Manager Format and Tips on How to write a Letter to Bank Manager to issue an ATM card-

Nowadays, everyone has a bank account and there are various operations associated with it like issuing or re-issuing an ATM card, issuing a bank statement, issuing a checkbook, etc. At one point in time or another, you may need to write a request letter to the bank manager for any of the above operations. Here are some sample formats on how to write a letter to the bank manager of the concerned bank because it is their duty to resolve customer problems and ensure standards are maintained.

Letter to Bank Manager to issue an ATM card

Letter to Bank Manager to issue an ATM card – ATM card is the most basic requirement of today’s world to handle your day-to-day transactions without walking miles to your concerned bank. It is so easy to get a new ATM card these days when you open an account with any bank. However, it is required to write an application letter if you have an open bank account but do not have an ATM card to withdraw the money. Here is the sample format of the application letter regarding issuing an ATM card.

The Bank Manager
[Name of the bank]
[Name of the branch]
Respected Sir/Madam
Sub: Letter to Bank Manager to issue an ATM card.
opened an account in your [Name of the bank] a few months back. But somehow, I did not apply for the ATM card at that time. I have been doing the withdrawal process and other transaction processes through the bank only. Henceforth, I want to use an ATM card to debit money as the same may save my time. So, kindly grant me a new ATM card as soon as possible. I would be very thankful to you for this kind act.
Thanking you
Account Details:
Name [as per bank record]: [your name]
Account Number [concerned bank]: [ account number]
Yours faithfully,

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