Essay on My Best Friend in English

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Short Essay on My Best Friend in 200 Words

Friends are a really important part of life. We all have friends. But every friend is not the same. There is some special friend always in everyone’s life. In my life, I have a very special friend also and I consider him my best friend. His name is Adil. We read together in class three.

We are studying together in class three. He lives in my neighborhood. We spend a lot of time together. We are family friends too because we are living in the same place for decades. His parents often visit our home. We also visit them.

Sometimes he comes to my house and helps me with my homework. He is a really smart and brilliant student. According to roll number, he is the first boy in the class. He has no ego, he helps everyone. He is also the class captain.

I think he has enough leadership qualities in him. If I face any obstacle or problem in the school I inform him and always he is there for me. He is the most helpful person, I have ever seen. We want to keep our friendship forever. We have a really good understanding.

Essay on My Best Friend in 300 Words


Friendship is a really important thing in our life. We all have friends; indeed we need friends to spend time with, share feelings and do fun with. Friendship is a really crucial relationship. It doesn’t have any boundaries; friendship could bring labor and an engineer in the same place.

That’s why we need to prioritize this relationship. But every friendship isn’t the same, there is some friendship that is really extreme and awesome. We all have that friend who is the closest and most favorite. We call him best friend. Yes, we all have that best friend. Today I am going to share my feelings about my best friend.  

My Best Friend: 

My best friend’s name is Rahul. He is my classmate, we are studying together in class one. From the day we met, we are always together and we have grown with really good bonding. Actually, we have so many common things between us and that’s why we have been so close.

Rahul is a really good boy. His behavior is so good. He is helpful too. When I face any problem in school, I inform him at first. He always tries his best to solve my problem. And every time he becomes successful to solve these. After school, we used to spend time together in the nearest playground.

Sometimes he visits my home and I visit his home. My parents really like him and his parents also like them. Our parents are also good friends. They meet and greet very often. Especially on any occasion, they send sweets to each other house.  


I wish to keep the friendship alive for the rest of my life. Rahul is the one who understands me the best and he also considers me his best friend. We are really happy to be a friend with each other.

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Essay on My Best Friend (400 Words)


We all have friends and there are a few friends who are really close to our hearts. Most of the time, we address them as best friends. I have a best friend in my life too. Today I will share my feeling and everything about him. He is a really awesome guy.  

Definition of Friendship: 

Friendship is a really broad term. There are lots of types of friends in our life. We can’t count them the same in our life. They all are different and their contribution to our life is also different. Some of them may be very close to us and some of them not.

Google says friendship means a state of support and mutual trust between two different humans. Friendship only doesn’t only in the human race; we find that other animals also understand this. So it’s a very important relationship in life. We need to understand and make good friends be happy.  

My Best Friends: 

I have a few best friends in my life. Today I am going to share a few of them; I hope you will like them. I consider Rajesh my best friend and we are studying together in the first grade. The day when I started school, I met Rajesh and we are friends since then.

He is a really interesting guy. The most amazing thing about him is he is a good cricketer. Our school was an inter-school champion last year, because of his amazing batting performance in the final. After the tournament, the school committee promoted him to the captain of the team.

Rajesh is really helpful. He helps everyone in their need. When I face any problem I inform him and he helps me. We spend lots of time together. Besides his sports, he is a good student too. If I miss any of my classes, he informs me and helps me to do my homework. Rishab is another best friend.

Actually, I, Rajesh, and Rishab always stay together and we are the trio. Rishab is also a very good guy. He is very helpful and he has a big heart. He is the top student in the class and he never shows attitude because of that.  


Friendship is a really good relationship. We should respect him and need to keep our friendship alive with our good friends. Always need to help them and go ahead in their bad times.    

Essay on My Best Friend in English

Essay on My Best Friend in English

500+ Words Essay on My Best Friend

Friendship is one of the greatest blessings that not everyone is lucky enough to have. We meet a lot of people on the journey of life but there are only a few who leave a mark on us. My best friend is one such person who has been able to make a positive impact on my life. We have been a part of each other’s lives for the longest time and our friendship is still developing. She has been with me through all the thicks and thins. Most importantly, I feel extremely fortunate to have someone as a best friend in my life. In this essay on my best friend, I will tell you about how we became friends and about her best qualities.

Our Friendship

Our friendship started when my best friend came in as a new admission to our class. Both of us were hesitant to talk to each other at first, but gradually we developed a bond. I remember the first time my best friend tried to talk to me; I rolled my eyes because I thought there was no use and we wouldn’t hit it off. However, to my surprise, we became best friends by the end of the session year.

We learned so many things about each other and found out that our taste in music and fashion was so similar. Since then, there was no stopping us. We spent all our time together and our friendship became the talk of the class. We used to help each other out in our studies and visited each other’s homes as well. We made sure to have lunch together on Sundays. We also used to watch movies and cartoons together.

On our summer break, we even went to summer camp together and made a lot of memories. Once during the summer holidays, she also accompanied me to my maternal grandparents’ home. We had a fabulous time there. Moreover, we even invented our own handshake which only both of us knew. Through this bond, I learned that family doesn’t end with blood because my best friend was no less than my family. Friendship is one relationship that you choose, unlike all other

Qualities of My Best Friend

I feel one of the main reasons why I formed such a bond with my best friend was because of the qualities she possesses. Her courage always inspired me to raise my voice against injustice as she always stood up to her bullies. She is also one of the smartest minds in class who doesn’t only excel academically but also in life. I have never seen a dancer as good as my best friend, the accolades she has won are proof of her talent.

Above all, I feel the quality that appeals to me the most is her compassion. Whether it’s towards humans or animals, she always keeps the same approach. For instance, there was an injured stray dog that was wailing in pain, my best friend did not only get him treated but she also adopted him.

Similarly, she saw a poor old woman on the streets one day and she only had money for her lunch. My best friend did not hesitate once before giving all of it to the poor lady. That incident made me respect her even more and inspired me to help the underprivileged more often.

In short, the bond I share with my best friend is one of my most prized possessions. Both of us inspire each other to become better humans. We push each other to do our best and we are always there in need. A best friend is indeed a precious gem and I am fortunate to have found that gem in my life.

My Best Friend Essay 100 Words

My best friend is Archana from school time. We are good friends since childhood and still continue. She is a smart girl with having fair complexion and dimpled cheeks. She is a pretty girl, I like so much her. I still remember that we met in our kindergarten class and became great friends forever. She is very entertaining, jolly, and helpful in nature. She understands me a lot and become always ready to help me in my all bad or happy conditions. We are classmates and become together every time. We go to school every day together and play sports daily on the nearby ground of our house.

My Best Friend Essay in 200 words

My best friend is someone special with whom I can share my all feelings. He is Raghav. He lives with me as my neighbor in the same colony. We met each other in the nursery class on the very first day. We sit together in the classroom and share everything very happily without any problem. We know each other very well as well as understand each other’s needs. He is leadership in nature, tall, fair in complexion, good-looking, and smart. She is very good at her studies and behaves well with everyone. He does his class work and homework very attentively. He is the favorite student of the class teacher as he is very punctual and follows all the etiquette.

We share our Tiffin at lunchtime. He respects my feelings and helps me always. Many things about us like hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc are similar. We love to listen to music, watch cartoons and playing carom at home. We take care of each other in school and on the playground. We share school copies and help each other whenever one of us remains absent in school. We love drawing sceneries and arts in our spare time. We go on tours and picnics with our parents together every winter and summer vacation.

My Best Friend Essay in 300 words

I have lots of friends from my childhood but Rushi is my best friend forever. She lives in the apartment adjacent to my house with her parents. She is a nice girl and helps in nature. True friendship is very necessary for all of us to go ahead and get right track in life. Getting the best and true friends in life is a very tough task however some luckiest ones get it. She is the first person among my all friends with whom I can share my all feeling. She is very good in nature and helps everyone. She is a class monitor and is loved by all teachers in the class. She performed well the sports and academic activities. She has a good personality and loves to help needy people.

She is very friendly in nature to everyone and meets warmly. She thinks positively and motivates us all time. She talks very politely and never quarrels with me and others. She never tells lies and has good manners. She is a very funny person and loves to tell us funny stories and jokes whenever we become sad. She is a compassionate friend and always cares for me. She has the ability to do anything hard in her life and I always appreciate her for each small and big achievement. She is a popular student in the school because she is good at academics, sports, and other extra activities.

She always gets high scores on the class tests and main exams. She explains any subjective matter in a very easy way during exam time. She has good observation power and skill. She catches everything very fast whenever the teacher explains in the classroom. She plays football very well and has taken part in many school level and district level competitions and won prizes too.

My Best Friend Essay in 400 words

I have the best friend ever in my life named Ashutosh. He is someone special in my life who helps me in my every difficulty. He is someone who showed me the right path. He always has time for me even in his busy schedule. He is my neighbor that’s why we become together even after school time. We go together to a picnic whenever we get a vacation from school. We enjoy our festival holidays together and with each other’s family. We go to see the Ramlila fair on the Ramlila ground together and enjoy it a lot. We always take part in every extracurricular activity of the school. We love to play cricket and carom at home. He is more than a mentor for me because he always gives me the right decisions whenever I become difficult.

He is so special to me in my life; I never do anything without him. He always becomes in a good mood and never compromises in the wrong ways. He always does the right things and motivates every one of us in the classroom to do the same. He always has a smiling face even in his difficult times and never lets his difficulties to come on his face. He is a good counselor and loves to explain anything. He cares for his parents, grandparents, and other family members. He obeys them always and other old people of the society. I met him the first time when I was in the fifth grade and now we are in 8th standard in the same section.

He is very tall and looks different from my other classmates. Once I was very upset because of a money problem. I could not buy all the necessary books for class 6. He asked me, what happened and I told him my story. He said that for this small problem you are so worried and not happy for some days. He laughed and told me that don’t worry we can share all books in school as well as at home. You don’t need to buy even any single book for a whole year. After that he made me laugh through his jokes and stories. I never forget that moment he helped me and always become ready to help him too. He is so practical and never mixes personal and professional life. He helps me always whenever I get difficulties in solving my Maths homework. Our likes and dislikes never match however we are best friends.

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FAQs on Essay on My Best Friend

Q.1 Why is it important to have a best friend?

A.1 It is important for everyone to have a best friend as they are our well-wishers with whom one can share everything. In other words, it gets tough to share things with your parents or siblings, but with a best friend, we never hesitate. Additionally, they always support us and boost our confidence.

Q.2 What are the essential qualities of a best friend?

A.2 A best friend should be understanding. One must be able to share anything with them without the fear of being judged. They should be supportive and encouraging of one another. Subsequently, one must always look out for their best friends in times of need.

Q.3. Should you consider all your friends on various Social media as true friends?

A.3 You may have a number of friends on Social media, but they cannot be considered true friends. Most of them are mere acquaintances. People with whom you talk only occasionally because they are in the same school, college, colony, or workplace, but there is no bond of a true friend are acquaintances. A true friend is a person to whom you would go during your hard time seeking help. However, some acquaintances may become friends as time passes by. Thus, we can say that all friends on Social media are not your true friends.

Q.4. Can you have a negative influence on your life due to friends?

A.4 Friends greatly influence one’s life. It is always said that your company defines your character. Friends with good qualities have a positive influence on your life. They motivate you and guide you. Similarly, friends who have bad qualities can negatively influence your life.

Q 5. When do we celebrate friendship day?

A.5: On 30th July, each year we celebrate friendship day with our closest friends telling them how much they are essential in our life.

Q6.Who started friendship day?

A.6Joyce Hall was the founder of friendship day.

Q7.How to choose a friend in your life?

A.7 The person with whom your taste and preferences match, the person who will always love and care for you, is the one you can call your friend.

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