An Essay on the Environment

An Essay on the Environment- The environment is the real world that has the living as well as non-living types of surroundings on the earth. It also refers to a particular geographical area. Plants, air, water, animals, human beings, and other living things exist in the environment. The atmospheric process, Geomorphic process, and Hydrologic process are the factors affecting the environment. The Biotic process involves living organisms. Living organisms are strongly connected with the environment which is known as Ecology.

An environment is a nature that nurtures our life on the earth. Everything which we feel, breathe, and eat in our life comes from the environment. Like land, plants, water, air, sunlight, forests, food, rivers, and other natural things come within the environment.

Every year, on 5th June, we all celebrate World Environment Day. All living beings and non-living beings present on the Earth represent the environment. Plants, creatures, water, air, and other living things exist in our environment. Our environment gets influenced by Climatic interaction, Geomorphic measures, and Hydrologic measures. The life of humans and animals is entirely dependent on climate. Our environment supports life on Earth. Everything we inhale, feel, and energy comes from the environment. The environment is considered a cover that helps sustain life on Earth. Among all the planets, it is our planet Earth that supports life.

Importance of Environment

Every day we get to hear about threats to the environment. Our environment includes everything from the forests to the oceans, which impacts our everyday life. It can be deforestation, pollution, soil erosion, etc., which needs to be addressed seriously.

1. Livelihoods of People depends on the Environment

Billions of people depend on the environment for their livelihood. For example, over 1.5 billion people depend on forests for food, medicine, shelter, and more. Farmers turn to the woods when their crops fail. Almost two billion people earn a living from agriculture, and the other three billion people are on the ocean.

2. Environment Strength Food Security

Many negative consequences are encountered due to biodiversity loss, but weakened food security is extensive. If we lose our precious animals and plant species, we become more vulnerable to pests and diseases. Due to this, our health is at a greater risk of related illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. So, we should protect our oceans and forests to ensure food for every human being.

3. Environment Brings Many Diseases

We also learned that Covid-19 is most likely a zoonotic disease. Diseases spread when humans disturb the territory of other animal species. As per research, around 60% of human infections originate from animals. Bird flu and swine flu are also diseases related to animals.

4. Trees Clean the Air

Pollution is a crucial issue, and every year, 7 million people die due to pollution. Polluted air impacts our health and lifespans, including behavioral problems, developmental delays, and diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The trees work as a filter to remove air pollutants like carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide while releasing oxygen.

Benefits of the Environment

Our environment provides us with enormous benefits which we can’t repay in our entire life span. The environment includes animals, water, trees, forest, and air. Trees and forests filter the air and take in harmful gases, and plants purify the water, maintain a natural balance, and many others.

The environment keeps a regular check on its functioning as it helps regulate the vital systems essential for the ecosystem. It also helps in maintaining culture and quality of life on Earth. The environment regulates natural cycles that occur daily. These natural cycles balance living things and the environment. If we disturb these natural cycles, it will ultimately affect humans and other living beings.

For thousands of years, the environment helped humans, animals, and plants flourish and grow. It also provides us with fertile land, air, livestock, water, and essential things for survival.

Cause of Environmental Degradation- An Essay on the Environment

Human activities are the primary cause of environmental degradation because most humans somehow harm the environment. The activities of humans that cause ecological degradation are pollution, defective environmental policies, chemicals, greenhouse gases, global warming, ozone depletion, etc.

Due to the industrial revolution and population explosion, the demand for environmental resources has increased, but their supply has become limited due to overuse and misuse. Some vital resources have been exhausted due to extensive and intensive use of renewable and non-renewable resources. Our environment is also disturbed by the extinction of resources and the rapidly rising population.

The waste generated by the developed world is beyond the absorptive capacity of the environment. So, the development process resulted in environmental pollution, water, and the atmosphere, ultimately harming the water and air quality. It has also resulted in an increased incidence of respiratory and water-borne diseases.

To conclude, we can say that it is the environment that is keeping us alive. Without the blanket of the environment, we won’t survive.

Moreover, the environment’s contribution to life cannot be repaid. Besides, what the environment has done for us, we only have damaged and degraded it.

What are the main reasons for environmental pollution?

Over-usage of environmental and natural resources, reduction in environmental protection, and destruction of natural resources are the main reasons for environmental pollution.

Human Responsibility in the Environment – An Essay on the Environment

Advanced technologies destroy the environment which results in an imbalance in nature. Harmful smoke exhaust from industrial companies daily is polluting the natural air. This air impacts the health of human beings, animals, and other living things as they daily inhale it.

In our busy and advanced lifestyle, we must take care of this type of small bad habit daily. It is important that everyone should put a little effort to bring a positive change in the destruction of the environment. We should take an initiative to make our environment safe and pollution-free.

We should follow some rules to make our environment clean and safe. We can get pure air, greenery, and water with peace and a serene atmosphere in our life from a healthy environment. A good environment brings happiness to our children’s life. An environment plays an important role in the development of society or an individual.

The quality of the environment is increasing by making laws against noise pollution. Also, inspiring the usage of public transport. We should stop using poly bags, and throwing waste on the road or in public areas. We can adopt the recycling of old things, and repair and use broken things without throwing it. We can use rechargeable batteries or alkaline batteries, and fluorescent lights. We can also adopt rainwater conservation, reduce wastage of water, energy conservation, less consumption of electricity, and so forth.

People should take part in tree plantations to make a healthy environment. we are making noise pollution by listening to loud music which impacts the environment. Spreading awareness and inspirational speeches are not enough to save the environment. We must take a strong initiative to protect the environment.

Problems in Environment – An Essay on the Environment

The following problems occur in the environment due to the change in lifestyle and advanced technology.

  • Pollution is one of the major problems which occur due to the build-up of harmful substances in the air, water, and ground.
  • Desertification also causes problems due to the conversion of land into desert areas when the soil gets dry and frail.
  • The extinction of animals is the reason for the problem which occurs due to extreme fires, hunting, development, and other actions.
  • Habitat loss is a problem that occurs due to the destruction of natural areas for building houses and industries.
  • Deforestation occurs due to cutting trees, desertion of forests, fires, and pollution.

Protect Environment – An Essay on the Environment

It is not so easy to protect the environment, it will take lots of energy, time, and effort. Everybody should come forward and work together to maintain a clean and healthy environment. We can protect the environment in the following ways:

  • People must follow strict laws on pollution control.
  • The usage of environmentally unfriendly materials like plastic should not be adopted.
  • Recycling of old and waste products must be adopted.
  • Save water by reducing the wastage of water.
  • A zero-tolerance policy for deforestation should be applied.
  • Animal hunting should be prohibited.
  • The emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases should be controlled.
  • Energy conservation and less use of electricity.
  • Invent technologies that are not harmful to our environment.

Environment Essay Conclusion – An Essay on the Environment

Environmental pollution is negatively impacting our daily lives. The inventions of advanced technologies are providing comfortable in human life. But, these inventions cause danger to the survival of our environment. Pollution of the environment brings a lot of health diseases that human beings may suffer throughout their life. It should be considered seriously to make the existence of life on earth. It is a worldwide problem that can be solved by the nonstop efforts of everyone.

Everybody should come forward and take part in the environmental safety campaign. World Environment Day is an environment safety event celebrated on 5th June every year across the world. People and many organizations celebrate the day to know about the factors which destroy our environment. The motive behind celebrating the day is to spread awareness among people across the world. They should take positive actions for protecting the environment. So, it is the responsibility of every human being to save the environment. So that the next generation may enjoy the gifts of nature.

Frequently Asked Questions- An Essay on the Environment

How can we protect the environment around us?

1. Do not litter public places 2. Reduce plastic usage 3. Reduce, reuse and recycle items 4. Avoid pollution of water, soil

How does the proper maintenance of the environment help human beings?

Human beings derive most of their daily needs from the environment. Moreover, environmental pollution can lead to an increased risk of diseases, and illnesses.

Question 1.
What is the true meaning of the environment?

The ecosystem that includes all the plants, animals, birds, reptiles, insects, water bodies, fishes, human beings, trees, microorganisms, and many more are part of the environment. Besides, all these constitute the environment.

Question 2.
What are the three types of the environment?

The three types of environment include the physical, social, and cultural environment. Besides, various scientists have defined different types and numbers of environments.

Question – What is the true meaning of the environment?

Answer: The ecosystem that includes all the plants, animals, birds, reptiles, insects, water bodies, fishes, human beings, trees, microorganisms, and many more are part of the environment. Besides, all these constitute the environment.

Question– What are the three types of the environment?

Answer:– The three types of environment include the physical, social, and cultural environment. Besides, various scientists have defined different types and numbers of environments.

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